The Dot Gamer Clan

Oh, hi. I bet you were expecting a website here. Obviously, it's not. Sorry about that.

Our database is derping up a storm and not connecting correctly to the site. We got it fixed and it broke again four times over. We also keep being spammed with comments (enough to make it so my host shut down the site TWICE). This site has been laggy, bloated, bandwidth-hogging, and overall pretty crappy for quite a while. Obviously this is not cool, and not stable.

This is why I shut down the site. We can't serve our content, we can't serve our sponsors, and we are just causing trouble for our hosting. I don't know the exact reason for our issues, and at this point I'm done trying to fix them. I've spent too much time trying to fix this accursed thing.

My goal is to relaunch the site in the near future. I don't think the content will stay around, though. Meh, we'll see.

I'll see you on the Mumble ( port 31089, no password.)